RCOSA is humbled and grateful for our generous community and their support. Together, we have been able to change countless lives. Together, we will continue to guide the newly sober to build a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.

Listed in Alphabetical Order

Andrew Rintels Family Foundation

Any Colour You Like

Bill L.: Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Branson E. - Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Chris Mahr

Diane and Robert Jackson

Cameron G.: Esteemed Alum & Magnolian

Chad K.: Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Gill Family (Texas)

Chris Gillock

Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program

Grant Family

Dr.Ilissa Greenberg

Mike Greenberg

Hanson Family

H. Woerner

IBM Employer Services Center

Jacqueline Simon

Jill (Duty) Gill: Dallas, Tx.

Jim Fissinger

John D. (Seattle)- Esteemed Alum

Kathy Angres

Kelly Mengarelli

Kristen Ward

Kunst Family

Len Stack

Larry S.

Macy's/Bloomingdale's Matching Gift Program

Mary C. & Jeff F.

Mary Ha

Mary Ann Kennedy-O’Neill Family Foundation

Murphy Family

Nancy Tuzzolino

O'Connell Family

Pay Pal Giving Fund

P. Hall

Ruthe and Mark Vitale

Robert Jackson

Sean and The Basil Leaf

Steve G., LLC.

Snyder Family

The Fine Folks in Columbia, Mo.

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Burns Legacy Foundation

The Sommer Brothers Charitable Fund

The Steck Family

The Thomas O'Neill Family Foundation

The Pearce Family

The Zuckerman Family Foundation

Thomas O’Neill

The Montross Family

Uncle Jim F.: Esteemed Alum & Wayne-ite

Aron W.- Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Bonny Jackson

Bowden Family

Community Health Charities

Dan Wangler Builders

Dylan H.: Esteemed Alum & Wayne-ite

Ellen Stensby

Eric L.: Zoom and Technical Wizardry and Kindness.

Gabrielides Family

Garvey Family

Ha Family Giving Fund

Iretta Brennan

Jay Lattin

J. Creighton

J. Litchfield and L. Dorenfeld

Kendall Family

Kathy S,: Esteemed Alum & Rosemontonian

L. Feldman & F. Blitt: Golf Fundraiser

M. Gleason

Mark Westcott: Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Mary Jarvis

Northshore Professional Group

Pat Mac- Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

P. Kahan: One Off Hospitality

P. Kosanovich

Patricia Walsh

Paul R.- Esteemed Alum & Kenmoreonian

SIPI Metals

Soul Cycle Denver

TDK Corporation

RCOSA (Esteemed) Alumni Association

Syslo Family

Tim O'Hara

The Friedman Family Foundation

The Kunst Family Charitable Fund

The Vitale Family

The David J. Rosen Charitable Fund

Todd S.: Esteemed Alum & Greenview-ite

Your Cause: Chevron Matching Fund

The safety and confidentiality of our residents is our highest priority, so we do not publish our exact address. Please, contact via the webform or the number below, and we will be happy to provide more information and a tour. Thank You!

Want to help RCOSA Recovery Community provide a foundation for the newly sober?

RCOSA take donations of any kind. ALL surplus goes to the betterment of our facilities and processes.