About Recovering Communities of Step Ahead (RCOSA)

Who We Are

Founded on October 17th, 1992, Recovering Communities of Step Ahead (RCOSA) is a Privately-funded, 501C3, Federally Tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to providing recovering persons a safe, structured, and supportive post-treatment recovering community and programming. RCOSA is located in Chicago, Illinois- in the Edgewater neighborhood.

Our Mission

We provide recovering persons, a post-treatment supportive community-based living environment and building a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety. We began on October 17, 1992, and became Step Ahead, LLC, in September of 1995.  Our mission has successfully guided those new to recovery toward long-term sobriety. Today We Are: a 501c3 Federally Tax Exempt Charitable Organization having gained our 501c3 status in September of 2004.


Want to help RCOSA Recovery Community provide a foundation for the newly sober?

RCOSA Humbly and Gratefully accepts donations of any kind. All donations go directly to Client Services. Donations can be made to RCOSA’s General Operating, our Scholarship Program, our Community event Program, Furnishings, or simply our General Fundraising efforts. 
By mail: RCOSA PO Box 408637 Chicago, IL. 60640,
By VENMO: rcosachicago@gmail.com, or