What We Are

The Recovering Communities of Step Ahead (RCOSA) is a Privately-funded, 501C3, Federally Tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to providing recovering persons a safe, structured, and supportive recovering community and sober living. RCOSA is located in Chicago, Illinois- in the Edgewater neighborhood, every resident is provided a fully accommodated private room with a generous therapeutic component. RCOSA, our focus is on recovery. Our counselors are all experienced, licensed/credentialed counselors and all are in recovery themselves.

Our mission is providing recovering persons, a post-treatment supportive community-based living environment and building a foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.
Our vision is to help every RCOSA recovery community resident maintain sobriety throughout their stay while building the skills and foundation necessary for lifelong recovery.

Our Mission

For over 28 years our mission has successfully guided those new to recovery toward long-term sobriety, and has continued to grow. We began on October 17, 1992, and became Step Ahead, LLC, in September of 1995. Today We Are: a 501c3 Federally Tax Exempt Charitable Organization having gained our 501c3 status in September of 2004. RCOSA has always treated recovering men and women with dignity, respect, and grace; it is so imperative when recovering and healing a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Not just a sober home, The RCOSA Recovering Community in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago provides tools and activities necessary to maintain sobriety. Included with the room are Individual and group recovery sessions, and family recovery sessions upon request, and drug and alcohol screening. The RCOSA Recovery Community in the Chicago, where one can discover quality friendships, discovering themselves, and fellowship daily in a safe and sober community.

Nationwide Recovery

With over twenty-eight combined years providing exceptional sober homes and RCOSA Sober Communities, we have earned the respect of many treatment centers, social service agencies, case managers, and the confidence and respect of many communities throughout the nationwide.
Our history of success in assisting clients to gain the knowledge and confidence that solidifies into a self-directed and motivated sobriety plan and discover who they are and whom they can become.

RCOSA does not professionalize the Twelfth Steps of our New Design For Living program. We do provide a comfortable and supportive environment for recovering people to working their program and the opportunity to do Twelve-Step work.

Want to help RCOSA Recovery Community provide a foundation for the newly sober?

RCOSA take donations of any kind. ALL surplus goes to the betterment of our facilities and processes.